What is Word of
Mouth Marketing?

Put simply, it is "any business action that earns
a customer recommendation," but, in the
big world of creative campaigns and engagement
techniques, WOMM means much more.
WOMM is about harnessing the power of
people to build
brand awareness.

Why Word of Mouth Marketing?

Because it's everywhere, all the time, no matter what. Brands can pay anyone to love their brand publicly, but the real power lies with customers who ultimately choose whether to share engaging content to friends, family, and often times, complete strangers. Most importantly, it's because they love your brand, not because you're paying them.
A Great Deal of Influence

When asked what sources "influence your decision to use or not use a particular company, brand, or product," 72% claim reviews from family members or friends exert a "great deal" or "fair amount" of influence.
Overflowing with Positivity

On average, Americans speak "positive" about brands during word of mouth conversations 66% of the time. This means more chatter helps build your reputation.
Your Words are Well Trusted

of Americans refer to reviews before taking the conversation to online platforms.

of U.S. consumers are influenced by friend's social media posts, compared to 78% for brands' posts.

times the number of brand mentions per week by a typical American in both online and offline conversations.

of the population
influence the purchasing activities of the other 74%.
Case Studies

We talk the talk. Now see how many brands walk the walk. Everyone wants to create an amazing WOMM campaign, but not everyone is capable. These brands are, and they're here to prove it. Get inspired by past winners of the
WOMMYs and some of their most talkable ideas.
Quick Stats
30 Million Brand Advocate Recommendations
Headquarter: San Carlos, CA
Founded: 2007
Zuberance is the leading Brand Advocate Platform company. Zuberance's unique Brand Advocate Platform makes it easy for B2C and B2B companies to systematically and continually identify and energize their authentic Brand Advocates on Facebook, Twitter, shopping sites, brand's websites, and across multiple social and digital channels. Zuberance's powerful Advocate Analytics enable marketers to track and optimize advocacy. By mobilizing their Advocates, Zuberance customers are generating measurable, dramatic increases in referrals, ratings, and revenues.

2013: The Year of Advocacy
Brand advocacy is gaining more and more significance as marketers come to realize the resounding facts that people trust the recommendations of their friends and family more than brands. The best way to combat this change in consumer mindset is to create brand advocates, which as we recently found out in a January 2013 survey, brands are starting to create. After tallying 554 online surveys, Zuberance found that 89% of the respondents believe brand advocacy is important or very important for their 2013 marketing strategy. Even more telling, 70% of the marketers surveyed said they intend on spending more money on advocacy in 2013 than they did in 2012. In the finance world, companies only invest if they feel the ROI is worth it. The ROI is worth it when it comes to brand advocacy.

Markets say advocacy
is very important or
important in 2013.

Markets say advocacy
is more important
in 2013 over 2013.

Markets plan to spend
more on advocacy in 2013.

consumer trust
Quick Stats
Office locations: 73
Revenue: $500+
Parent Company: Interpublic Group
Weber Shandwick partnered with KRC Research to conduct Digital Women Influencers, an online survey of 2,000 North American women. The purpose of the study was to identify segments of women who are influential in social media and to provide new and unique insights about the female market as marketers and communicators evolve their strategies in this new era of digital engagement. This latest installment of the multi-part study, The Women of Social Media, dimensionalizes the segment of women who spend time using social media and enjoy using social media, accounting for approximately 82 million women in the U.S. alone.

Social Media's Emotional ROI
The Women of Social Media enjoy their online networks nearly as much as they enjoy live social activities (75% and 77%, respectively) and, notably, slightly more than dating or spending time with their partner (72%). In fact, one-quarter of Women of Social Media (24%) prefer to socialize online rather than in person.

Vital Social Statistic of North American Women

have a social media
account/profile with 2.2
accounts on average.

Facebook is by far
the most prevalent
social media account.

hours spent on average
per week using social
media, nearly two hours
per day.

say some of their
best friends they know
only through Facebook
or Twitter.
Quick Stats
Founded: 2005
Employees: US: 11
Deployed on more than 365,000 websites
The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) helps organizations succeed on the social web by providing leading technology to leverage the popularity of social networks and identities for user acquisition, engagement, and enhanced customer intelligence. Their solutions, including social login, social sharing, social profile data collection and storage, access to the social graph, and digital strategy services, improve the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives for leading brands like Fox, Universal Music Group, Whole Foods, Purina, Samsung and Dr Pepper.

Opportunity For Online Marketers to Leverage Awareness and Use of Social Login
The Consumer Perceptions of Social Login study conducted by Blue Research, an independent research consultancy, revealed that 87% of online consumers are familiar with social login - the ability to use an existing ID from a social network such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. - to login or register on a site - and more than half (52%) use social login. The research also showed that consumers are willing to share personal information in exchange for a more individualized experience and to eliminate mistargeted ads.

are more likely to
return to a website that
automatically welcomes
them through social login.

consider buying
based on positive
from social networks.

of people navigate
to a website after it's
mentioned by someone
in their social network.

say site personalization
is highly attractive.
Quick Stats
Founded: 1998
Employees: 500+
Parent Company: dentsu
Brands have always been content marketers in a sense, but with the changing digital landscape, content marketing is more important than ever. In fact, an October 2012, Econsultancy survey found that 90% of marketers think content marketing will become more important over the next year, though only 38% said they have a content strategy in place.

The Key Pillars of Content Marketing
  1. Content Development - Content development can be segmented into two buckets: creation and curation.
  2. Creation - Regardless of budgets, content creation is still an important part of content marketing.
  3. Curation - When people or brands curate content online, they're consuming content that they didn't create themselves.
  4. Syndication and Distribution - Beyond creating quality content, it's critical to ensure that the right people see it.
  5. Optimization - The work is not over once it goes live. It's important to monitor the conversations about your brand.
Key Recommendation and Actions
  1. Listen
    • Ask your community manager to share insights on a regular basis: Which content is working well? Which content isn't performing as expected?
    • Consider a social listening partnership to better understand your target audience and their interests outside of your communities, including non-direct competitors like media properties.

  2. Build a team
    • Explore a content marketing team with representation from community managers, content strategists, copywriters, data visualizers, editors, designers, producers, product evangelists, etc. Ensure that all parties help inform and align on the content framework.
    • When developing a content framework, create a schedule that pre-determines the frequency of content curation and creation across channels. Whenever possible, build in cultural relevance - is there an ongoing meme to tap into? How will you tailor content for your audience?
    • Create a syndication & distribution plan. Don't be afraid to embrace multiple platforms - different platforms are better suited for different kinds of content. Build in paid, owned and earned media and consider using a content seeding partner to ensure your content is seen by the right people.

  3. Be nimble
    • Create a simplified approval process for content that needs a quick turnaround.
    • Be willing to make exceptions. Discuss with your core team what's acceptable (and what's not) before releasing content - but don't limit yourself too much.
    • Consider using paid media reactively. If content is starting to take off, media can amplify reach and increase potential engagement.

  4. Measure and showcase your success
    • Set responsibilities for team members on how knowledge will be fed back into the system.
    • Create success benchmarks based on content you or your competitors have created or shared.
    • Graduate high-performing content and use community insights to inform future content.

Quick Stats
Office locations: 73
Revenue: $500+
Parent Company: Interpublic Group
Case Study Overview
Weber Shandwick found that the online sociability of the world's largest company CEOs rose dramatically over the past two years. In 2012, 66% of CEOs of the world's top 50 companies engaged online compared to 36% in 2010 when Weber Shandwick first conducted one of the earliest analyses of CEO social engagement, Socializing Your CEO: From (Un)Social to Social.

"Traditionally, CEOs have built reputations through means other than social media," said Leslie Gaines-Ross, Weber Shandwick's chief reputation strategist. "However, this year's CEO sociability audit provides evidence that chief executives are decidedly testing the social waters. By increasing their communications online, CEOs are showing they are listening to customers, are curious how their products are being received, care about attracting the best talent, understand the need to better humanize themselves and are more in-tune with where their stakeholders are."
Guide to Social CEO Engagement

click to learn more

Weber Shandwick recommends that companies and their executives
adopt several social strategies to optimize their online storytelling,
engage with customers and attract the best talent. As the world
increasingly becomes more connected, CEOs must embrace technology
and use it to navigate the seas of change coming their way as digital,
social and mobile rapidly converge.
Quick Stats
Founded: 1989
Verizon Thinkfinity member
The National Center for Family Literacy found that literacy wasn't a common topic in homes of families across the U.S. However, they did not know that everyday, teachers were striving to inspire their students to read. To connect the classroom to the living room, the NCFL and Brains on Fire created Wonderopolis.

visitors to Wonderopolis. org in the first month (Oct.2010).

stories about small businesses were submitted; 30,000 ratings of those stories were collected. was named one of the Time's 2011 50 Best Websites.
Brains on Fire and NCFL won a Gold WOMMY in the Cause Marketing
category in 2011
Quick Stats
Founded: 1983
Employees: US: 8,000+
Annual Revenue: $3.85 billion
Intuit, the provider of all services small business, was faced with one of the deepest recessions in history. Many of its core customers didn't know how to weather the storm. To combat customer distress, Intuit's agency, Access Communications, launched a campaign to show customers that Intuit was truly committed to their small business success.

Small Business United
Small Business United (SBU) provided free software and services valued at nearly $1,000 per business, donated $50,000 to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs and businesses looking to grow, and ran a contest offering small business grants totaling $315,000 (grand prize $25,000). Intuit also developed SBU, a community resource website that linked and facilitated online gatherings of small businesses across the country where owners and "recession entrepreneurs" could share advice, stories, and videos about their challenges and successes.

increase in financial
management sales.

increased the year
over year sales
of QuickBooks.

plus visits to
Intuit's website.

stories about small
businesses were
This campaign won a Gold WOMMY in the Momentum category and the Grand Prix Prize in 2009
Quick Stats
Founded: 2006
Employees: 400+
Annual Revenue: $35,000,000
Interest in Radian6's social-media-monitoring platform depended on a wider adoption of social media among marketing and communication professionals. They planned a webinar series to educate and attract marketing decision-makers who wanted to learn about social media, but had yet to embrace it in their own activities. They noted at conferences that social media veterans discussed content both face-to-face and online via Twitter. Radian6 saw the advantages of creating a more dynamic webinar format that encouraged participants, especially newcomers, to get involved in social media and use it to interact about the presentation.

What resulted was a Twebinar, a free multi-dimensional webinar series with three objectives:
  • To provide quality content from social media leaders
  • To incorporate social media technologies
  • To foster networking among speakers and participants
Radian6 announced the event via email to social media and word of mouth organizations and related a Facebook ad targeting marketing and PR professionals. The most effective promotion came from word of mouth. Many were people excited to be part of the experiment; some were bloggers who shared the news with their readers. Webinar interviewees also blogged about the Twebinar, and used Twitter to spread the word to their followers.
Over 1,500 people registered for the first Twebinar. The word of mouth campaign generated significant blog coverage and website traffic from 71 countries. Two thousand plus tweets were recorded about and during the event. The campaign became a textbook example of the power of online word of mouth marketing. With a unique name, fresh content, and an interactive format, the Twebinar has generated significant buzz and increased brand recognition for Radian6. The series successfully introduced newcomers to social media and positioned Radian6 as a thought leader.

registered for Twebinar.

countries engaged.

Quick Stats
Founded: 1955
Employees: 100,000+
Annual Revenue: $3.4 billion
H&R Block is one of the world's largest tax services providers, utilizing more than 100,000 highly trained tax professionals and having prepared more than 550 million tax returns worldwide since 1955. They wanted to change perceptions of H&R Block from a brick and mortar tax service provider, to a digital brand with many online tax preparation solutions.

Campaign developed a voice for the brand online and established a direct line of communication between H&R Block and the Twitter community.

Campaign raised awareness about the Block's online tax programs and strongly positioned them as a digital brand with a prominent Web presence.

Twitter strategy put H&R Block directly in touch with its customer.
Quick Stats
Founded: 2010

What they did
In 2009, The Hive brought all Cadbury sub-brands under a casual marketing initiative called The Bicycle Factory. The purpose of this program was to send 5,000 specially designed bicycles to Ghana where they would turn long walks into short bike rides for thousands of school children. A main goal of this initiative was to educate consumers on the importance of bicycles and to demonstrate the power small purchases can have on others. The campaign used television, print, online, and social media campaigns to lead traffic to where users could turn Cadbury UPC codes into bicycle parts. Users could watch as the bikes would be built piece by piece with every product purchase. In September 2010, an hour-long documentary called 'Wheels of Change' followed three bike recipients in Ghana and was later aired on CTV.
Why they did it
The days of consumers caring about contests to win a car or a trip are over. These sorts of promotions are everywhere without saying anything about the sponsoring brand. The Bicycle Factory was designed to break through this sea of sameness and give consumers a cause they could relate to and rally behind. Bicycles were chosen because they were solution-focused representations of joy. For people in first-world countries, they represent joy in the form of fun, fitness, and fresh air. But for many people in the world, they represent hope, opportunity, and sometimes survival.

The Bicycle Factory has struck a nerve with Canadian consumers. In two years, over 9,000 bicycles have been built for school children in Ghana. That's just short of one million product entries! Far and away Cadbury Canada's most successful promotion, the Bicycle Factory has surpassed all expectations in terms of sales and customer participation. It's also giving consumers just one more reason to love a company that, through their products and their actions, makes lives a little sweeter.
Sharing with you ideas from the brightest minds in WOMM.

The LIKE button will become much more UNLIKEABLE as more businesses focus on ways to connect with people in the physical world and not the digital world.

Click to see what John thinks

John Moore

COOP, Brains On Fire


... is a word marketers use to sound smarter. It's merely a fancified way to express how a business listens to customers, learns from customers, and responds to customers. Marketers call that engagement. I call that being a business that truly cares about its customers."


"Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum is the WOMM godfather. He was a masterful showman, copywriter extraordinaire, and publicity maven. Whatever P.T. Barnum did in the 1800s, it was designed to capture people's attention and to get people talking. "

This isn't just a marketing exercise. It's a change in the way that society operates that shifts the way we engage with customers.

Click to see what John thinks

John H. Bell

Global Managing Director at Social@Ogilvy


A lot of forward thinking brands are now putting mobile first as their touchpoint; important, but also not last.

WOMMY Awards 2011
Mobile Gold Winner
Vail Resorts


These are the skills considered to be most critical in this industry:

If we are pushing content out to social properties, it is key to use tools, but it must be augmented with real live presence of the brand.

Click to see what Kathy thinks

Kathy Baughman

President at ComBlu Inc.


1. Strategic thinking

2.Make it easy for people to care & share

3. Recognize people's contributions to your brand

Disclosure is the number one issue in advertising compliance.

Click to see what Anthony thinks

Anthony DiResta

WOMMA General Counsel
Partner at Winston & Strawn LLP

Why people should care
about WOMM ethics

1. Risk management.

2. Enhances a company's reputation.

3. Creates trust with customers and consumers.

WOMM has always existed. We've just changed the channel on which it happens and the scale.

Click to see what Rob thinks

Rob Key

CEO at Converseon

If you can't answer the question of why people should care, then you shouldn't be doing a WOMM program.


WOMM is like the dark matter in the universe. It makes up 90%, but we haven't had the tools and technology to see the impact of it.

Communication is an ecosystem that incorporates all existing platforms and as it changes over time, new opportunities will arise; but, there's no reason to throw out the old ones just because something new came onto the scene.

Click to see what Brad thinks

Brad Fay

Author at The Face to Face Book

WOMM raises the bar on the



"It's a terrible mistake to put a particular technology or platform as the center of your WOMM strategy."


H. Bell





Breaking down WOMM
WOMMA believes that the most effective WOMM is credible, respectful, social, measurable, and repeatable:
Honest and authentic messages from brands to customers and from person to person.
Transparent and trustworthy
behavior as it relates to privacy
matters between brands and
Involves brands listening to,
responding to, and encouraging
conversations online and offline.
Ability to define, monitor, and
evaluate success.
The capability to do it over and
over again in order to become a talkable brand.
Online. Offline.

The latest trend marketers are using to get customers recommending their products is online social media marketing. While statistics show the majority of recommendations happen offline, online word of mouth dominates most discussions marketers have about word of mouth marketing.
WOM is the Output,
WOMM is the Input.
WOM is the Conversation,
WOMM is the Conversation Starter.
Know Your Game
Core Values

WOMMA Members are committed to engaging in practices and policies that promote an environment of trust between the consumer and the marketer.

WOMMA Members pledge to comply with the requirements of applicable laws, regulations, and rules concerning the prevention of unfair, deceptive, or misleading advertising and marketing practices.

A WOMMA member shall respect the rights of any online or offline communications venue (such as a web site, blog, discussion forum, traditional media, and live setting) to create and enforce its own rules as it sees fit.

A WOMMA member shall not tell their representatives what to ultimately state in their communications about a particular product or service, so as to enable the consumer to reflect his or her honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences.

WOMMA Members believe that working with minors in marketing programs requires sensitivity and care, given their particular vulnerability to manipulation and deception.

WOMMA Members respect the privacy of consumers, and encourages practices that promote the most effective means to promote privacy.

Members of WOMMA strive to...
  • Maintain the highest standards of business conduct by using only legal and ethical means in their business activity.
  • Observe all applicable laws, regulations, and rules pertaining to their marketing practices.
  • Actively promote and encourage the highest level of integrity within the industry.
  • Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with other members and work with them for the advancement of the industry.
  • Lead by example and adhere to ethical standards that may even exceed those by law.
  • Commit to the development and use of the most effective standards and practices to promote consumer protection.
Social Media and the Responsibilites of
Advertisers, Marketers, and Bloggers
Clear and Prominent Disclosure

  • No matter which platform is used, adequate disclosures must be clear and prominent.
  • Language should be easily understood and unambiguous.
  • Placement of the disclosure must be easily viewed and not hidden deep in the text or deep on the page.
  • All disclosures should appear in a reasonable font size and color that is both legible and noticeable to customers.
Don't Tell, Do Ask
Three Questions to Ask

Honesty of Relationship
How will we ensure bloggers disclose their relationship and participation in this marketing program?

Honesty of Opinion
What measures are in place to ensure we are not influencing bloggers to say anything other than their own honest and genuine opinion?

Honesty of Identity
Does this program mislead the public in any way that could damage the reputation of our company?
Click on the infographics for further reading
Spread the Word
When executing a WOMM campaign, one must understand the
purpose behind it, not only to create buzz around the specific brand, but to provide insight into the ever changing world of WOMM. Furthermore, to accomplish the reach and return that brands are searching for, one
must understand how advocacy works and how to provide consumers
the portals with which to voice their opinions. Propensity does not come easily, one must cultivate the experience.
Aspects of a Successful
WOMM Campaign
Product Seeding
Placing the right product into the right hands at the right time.
Brand Blogging
Creating blogs and participating in the blogosphere, in the spirit of open and transparent communications; sharing information of value that the blog community may talk about.
Referral Program
Creating tools that enable satisfied customers to refer their friends.
2014 WOMMY Winners

The WOMMY Awards celebrate word of mouth marketing in its broadest sense. Since 2006, WOMMA has acknowledged people, agencies and brands behind the most remarkable word of mouth marketing campaigns.
Quick Stats
Founded in 1980
Wish granted every 38 minutes
Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area created a plan to help #Batkid, Miles, a 5-year-old cancer fighter, get his wish to save Gotham (San Francisco). However, they needed a way to spread the word about Miles's wish to as many people as possible. They decided to create a social media plan and work with Twitter to establish an official @SFWish handle for real-time information, and the @PenguinSF "villain" to amplify the narrative. Secondly, they needed to establish a hashtag #SFBatKid to drive traffic to Make-A-Wish's site to increase donations and get the community involved to recreate Gotham in San Francisco. Most importantly, their biggest goal was to ensure Miles's wish was the best wish ever!

social impressions
Personal video from the
President of the United States
Barak Obama
#batkid hashtags
Clever Girls Collective and Make-A-Wish
Greater Bay Area won the 2014 Gold
WOMMY Cause Marketing Award
Quick Stats
Founded in 1957
1,200 employees
The PEDIGREE® Feeding Project was established to provide participating shelters with their dogs' food needs, at absolutely no cost, allowing each shelter to allocate more funding into adoption while giving their dog's great, nutritious food. PEDIGREE Brand, working with its partner, Weber Shandwick, created a multi-platform campaign that enlisted social and traditional media, online influencers, corporate partners and word-of-mouth promotion to help spread the word and rally dog lovers everywhere.

The brand launched the "Choose the Next Communities" initiative as part of the PEDIGREE Feeding Project, asking consumers nationwide to let their voices be heard on and help choose the next community PEDIGREE Brand should feed and support. This was accomplished by two major initiatives:

  1. Enlist an authentic, genuine dog-advocating celebrity spokesperson who shared the brand's commitment to lend credibility to the message, share the story on a national level and influence other dog lovers to participate in the cause.
  2. Host a media day with digital components to encourage media to promote the cause through traditional, digital and social media channels.


funds reallocated to the program
earned media impressions
city nominations in less than 24 hours
Weber Shandwick and PEDIGREE Brand
won the 2014 Silver WOMMY
in the Cause Marketing category
Quick Stats
Founded in 1998
Headquartered in New York City
In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, two female agency creatives (one a breast cancer survivor herself) wanted to give people a chance to show solidarity with the millions of women getting mammograms every year, and making the topic more conversational. Discovering that mammograms are considered inherently awkward, the team set out to educate people on the procedure and face its existing reputation head-on—as well as to inspire thoughtful conversations around the cause and encourage women to get mammograms.

The campaign started with a humorous web video instructing people on how mamming worked, and to encourage women to snap pictures of themselves laying their (clothed) breasts on things – just like a woman does during a mammogram – and then share their photos via Instagram. The video also drove people to the microsite to learn more. contained information about the cause, and a constantly refreshing grid that was populated with the latest #mamming photos submitted by eager fans from around the world. It wasn't long before BuzzFeed was calling mamming "the next big thing" on the Internet, and popular daytime talk show hosts were mamming on air.

332 million
earned media impressions
press coverage
360i won the 2014 Bronze WOMMY
in the Cause Marketing category
Quick Stats
Founded in 1831
Population of 61,397
Greenville Convention & Visitors Bureau tourism efforts were in need of a new focus and unifying spirit. There was no brand identity for Greenville, with 36 other Greenville's in the United States, people didn't know where theirs was; let alone what it had to offer. It had no defining features, limited financial resources and existing communications tools didn't live up to the destination experience.

They wanted to explore what brought visitors to Greenville SC and concluded that wherever happy people gather, something good must be going on. They weren't just any Greenville, they were THAT Greenville. Yeah, THAT Greenville, VisitGreenvilleSC. They focused on engagement through a social web approach; from locally-authored custom itineraries to thousands of crowd-sourced photos shared across Instagram using the #yeahTHATgreenville hashtag, the destination was brought to life online by those who love it most.
photos shared on Instagram each day
increase in Facebook comments
increase in Twitter mentions
Brains on Fire and VisitGreenvilleSC
won the 2014 Gold WOMMY
in the Engagement Category
Quick Stats
Founded in 1886
First diesel-engine passenger car
Business Problem:
Mercedes-Benz needed to reach a new generation of buyer –and move them to consider the brand (earlier in life). The brand's answer was the all-new CLA, starting at only $29,900. From its bolder design language to its astonishing price point, it was made to win over Gen Y. When they looked at their target audience they noticed a fascinating tension – Gen Y consumers were addicted to their devices while valuing experiences over things.

The brand discovered that Instagram had given birth to a handful of wildly popular users, otherwise everyday-Gen Y consumers whose stunning imagery had garnered hundreds of thousands of followers. So they decided to challenge five of Instagram's best photographers to spend five days each behind the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz CLA. The hook? Whoever who gets the most likes, keeps the CLA. As they rallied their substantial fan base and took breathtaking imagery, no one was calling the brand "stuffy" anymore.

organic impressions
visitors viewed CLA content
net positive social conversations
Razorfish and Mercedes-Benz
won the 2014 Silver WOMMY
in the Engagement category
Quick Stats
Capital City of Kumamoto Prefecture
on the Island of Kyushu (Japan)
Population of 731,286
Before the campaign, few knew that Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture produces many kinds of red-colored food and the Prefectural's authorities wanted to officially deem the region a as the "red prefecture". Meanwhile, Kumamoto's most successful export was its cuddly bear-like mascot character Kumamon, a popular national phenomenon.

They decided to create a story where the character's trademark rosy red cheeks fell off based on the Japanese saying that eating delicious food makes your cheeks fall off. The campaign included encouraging the public to assist in the search for Kumamon's cheeks, making them feel more invested and help spread "Red, delicious Kumamoto prefecture". The story broke during a press conference held with Kumamoto's Governor announcing the shocking news and location. As a thank you to those who contributed to finding the cheeks, a special box of Kumamoto tomatoes were distributed, called "arigatomato" (a pun combining the Japanese word for "thank you" and "tomato").
media impressions
increase in Kumamon-branded food
Kumamon-tomato applications collected
Dentsu Kyushu Inc. & Dentsu Public Relations Inc
and Kumamoto won the 2014 Bronze WOMMY
in the Engagement Category
Quick Stats
Headquarters in San Francisco California
Founded in 2003
DocuSign faced difficulties in feeding the funnel with quality leads through social media and keeping those leads engaged. The majority of their social activity was reactive – they were simply waiting for people to talk about the brand before they would engage. While that was helpful for harvesting existing demand, it fell short in creating new demand and engaging the appropriate influencers and those who would advocate on the company's behalf. By analyzing DocuSign's targeted audience, they were able to intelligently engage with messaging that would resonate with each person. Personalized messaging to each individual included information specific to that person (name, etc.) – and directed them to a specific call to action—all done via social.

increased engagement with target audience
total impressions
click rate
Insightpool and DocuSign won
the 2014 Gold WOMMY in the
Engagement implementation category
Quick Stats
Introduced in the 1920's
Sold in 80+ countries
U by Kotex, a feminine care product line by Kimberly-Clark set out to end the cycle of misinformation by inspiring young women to join Generation Know – a new generation of young women armed with the facts about their bodies and comfortable with their periods and vaginal health. But to engage women of this generation, tuned out of exaggerated imagery of "happy periods," we had to be real. The communication strategy was simple; let young women spread the word about vaginal health to their peers to increase comfort and relevance of the topic and willingness to pass facts on to others. By engaging high profile ambassadors to generate awareness and drive traffic, create content and educational events to encourage the target audience to share, and credential Generation Know with trusted health and lifestyle experts, they were able to spark word of mouth and inspire the generation.
increase in social mentions
visits to
requests for Generation Know bracelets
Marina Maher Communications and Organic, Inc
on behalf of U by Kotex, a Kimberly-Clark Brand
won the 2014 Gold WOMMY in the Influencer category
Quick Stats
Introduced in 1972
Sold under the Kleenex Brand
Crowdtap and Cottonelle, a Kimberly-Clark
Brand won the 2014 Silver WOMMY
in the Influencer category
Quick Stats
Initially released in 2003
Available in 38 languages

Skype wanted to help shift perceptions moving Skype usage away from scheduled video calls to everyday communication utilizing the full suite of services (Instant Messaging, File Share, Group Video Call, etc). They needed to show people clear use cases for why they should download and use Skype. The brand launched a campaign, Moment Makers, where Skype advocates were leveraged to tell everyday Skype stories and engage with challenges and experiences to further their brand love. The engagement centerpiece was called co-creation projects co-designed with ambassadors as storytelling vehicles to show how Skype could be used to facilitate and further a passion or interest. The Moment Makers program provided an opportunity to build strong relationships with Skype users across a range of passion groups leading to increased conversations and increase in product usage​.
1000heads and Skype
won the 2014 Bronze WOMMY
in the Influencer category
Quick Stats
Introduced in 1961
A Procter & Gamble brand
9 different Head & Shoulders scent varieties
At the start of the season, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and other influential media were projecting an overall increase in strikeouts throughout Major League Baseball (MLB). The Head & Shoulders team seized this moment of serendipity to play off the word "whiff," which means both scent and strikeouts, to develop the "Season of the #Whiff" word-of-mouth campaign that linked its new scent-based product with America's favorite pastime. They signed Los Angeles Angels All-Star pitcher C.J. Wilson, a top-ten MLB "whiff" ace, as a spokesperson and encouraged fans to use the #Whiff hashtag along with their team's Twitter handle each time a pitcher struck out an opponent. "Season of the Whiff" not only got the brand's target to link their love of baseball to Head & Shoulders, but also produced unprecedented results, including record-breaking social engagement and sales 20% above forecast for the Old Spice extension.
#Whiff hashtag mentions
increase in @HSforMen Twitter page followers
earned media impressions
Marina Maher Communications and Head &
Shoulders a P&G Brand, won the 2014
Gold WOMMY in the Introduction Category
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Creating the freshest, most delicious dairy products
for over 125 yearsBased in New Zealand
Anchor Milk knew China has the highest Internet population in the world, with600 million users., And moms with young kids are among the most active when it comes to Word of Mouth, online as well as offline. Anchor decided to engage 10,000 moms who had a progressive attitude towards parenting, which supported the more natural and nurturing way to bring up children in China. Moms did structured tasks called Missions around the "Nurture the Natural" theme, wherein they learned about Anchor's natural credentials as well as natural parenting, shared their opinions and also spread the word to their friends.
increase in engagement on brand website
authentic online WOM impressions
higher image rating and purchase intent
Advocacy WOM Limited and Anchor
won the 2014 Silver WOMMY
in the Introduction Category

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Butterfinger candy bar originally introduced in 1923
Created in Chicago, IL

Knowing consumers love peanut butter and Butterfinger, Butterfinger decided to launch a new product to capture Reese's and Butterfinger lovers alike: Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups. The brand started by building buzz across social media channels, targeting known Reese's Peanut Butter Cup purchasers with promoted Facebook and Twitter posts featuring delicious imagery and sexy copy – "are you try-curious?" As "try-curiosity" reached a fever pitch, fans were tweeting to complain that the cups were sold out, a move hoped and anticipated for. The brand created video responses from Mr. Butterfinger, a comedian in the Super Bowl spot, urging fans to never give up on their hunt for Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups. Not only did the videos educate about our ‘Product Finder' tool, they fed the frenzy to find and buy Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups before somebody else did.
Facebook impressions
Twitter impressions
1/2 B
video media impressions in 2 days
Threshold Interactive and Nestlé Butterfinger
won the 2014 Bronze WOMMY
in the Introduction Category

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Founded by twins Jean and Jane Ford
Subsidiary of LVMH
Benefit Cosmetics was looking for a dynamic ‘mobile first' campaign that excited and engaged their customers and motivated their store teams to constantly drive POREfessional, the UK's #1 best-selling primer. A social conversation audit around makeup showed that women take to social media channels, primarily Twitter, every day at 4 pm to talk about needing a makeup touch-up – trying to combat the dreaded makeup slip and resulting shine. The mobile campaign's mission became clear: turn ‘four o'clock' into ‘PORE O'Clock'. Using the Twitter API to automatically generate a reply to anyone who tweeted @BenefitBeauty using #POREOCLOCK, each reply included a voucher featuring the original tweeter's name and profile picture, which could be shown in-store on their mobile device in exchange for a free POREfessional sample.

increase in brand mentions
increase in fans and followers
of visits to PORE O'Clock campaign hub were mobile
1000heads and Benefit Cosmetics
won the 2014 Gold WOMMY
in the Mobile Category
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Founded by August Horch
Subsidiary of Volkswagen Group
Two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday, Audi wanted to connect with Millennials by leveraging Snapchat to authentically engage and entertain with platform-relevant content that would also drive online buzz. The mission was to generate public online conversation through raw, privately distributed, humorous content. Snaps were developed by pairing stock photos with clever captions that poked fun at the banality of the typical Sunday and joked about real-time aspects of the game and the halftime show. On Super Bowl Sunday, Audi became the first major brand to utilize Snapchat and garnering one of the fastest-growing followings ever on the Snapchat platform.
views of the snap
increase in fan following
Huge and Audi won the
2014 Silver WOMMY in
the Mobile category
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Originated in United Kingdom
Introduced in 1927
With the growing reactionary sentiment to the exorbitant sums of money shelled out for Super Bowl advertising, Newcastle Brown Ale knew there was a buzzworthy opportunity to work around these conventions by subverting them entirely, and by being refreshingly honest about the fact the brand didn't have nearly enough money to make a Big Game ad anyway. Our goal: Become the most talked-about brand in conjunction with the Big Game without actually advertising during the Big Game. Newcastle delivered a dose of refreshing honesty by shining a spotlight on the silliness and excess of the biggest event in sports marketing. The team developed a bold plan that put an ad that didn't even exist in front of an unprecedented audience. And with that, "If We Made It" was born. With the help from relevant celebrity partners, strategic media and influencer outreach and regularly rolling out fresh content, they told the story of how epic Newcastle's Big Game ad would have been – tongue-in-cheek the whole way.
social engagements
lift in brand conversations
spike in purchase intent
Fast Horse and Newcastle Brown Ale
won the 2014 Gold WOMMY in
the Momentum Category
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Introduced by Kimberly-Clark in 1978
Replaced the Kimbies Brand
Little Snugglers—the Huggies diapers brand made specifically for newborns—needed to raise awareness as the company's competitor owned 90% of hospital shares for diapers. Huggies had been working to establish a relationship with the mothers before they begin building a registry and/or go to the hospital. In order to create those relationships, Huggies created a campaign delivering surprise hugs to new moms by flying in a special someone who couldn't otherwise be there. With this in mind, the Hugs Delivered campaign was created.

downloads of the Little Snugglers coupons
new sign-ups
combined video views
Ogilvy and Huggies, Kimberly-Clark
won the 2014 Silver WOMMY
in the Momentum Category
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Founded in 1909
Headquartered in France
In mid-2013, L'oreal introduced Extraordinary Oil (EO) - a revolutionary treatment product. However, hair treatment products were still not mainstream in China with sales contribution within hair care of less than 5%. After doing considerable research, they discovered satisfaction amongst those who tried the product was quite high but slim amounts were using it regularly and even slimmer amounts were not actively talking about it. The brand decided to recruit real women interested in beautiful hair by dubbing them "beauty geniuses" and give them emotional, social and rational value to get them to naturally spread the word online. They also had them refer friends to try L'oreal EO while developing the product habit themselves.
mission responses
increase in brand mentions
Advocacy WOM Limited and The L'Oréal
Group won the 2014 Bronze WOMMY
in the Momentum Category
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Launched in 2000
78,208,000 American households receive the Oxygen channel
Oxygen was preparing to debut a new show called "Preachers of L.A.," a docu-series which explored the private lives of pulpit superstars. In the months leading up to the premiere, Oxygen wanted to identify the show's social audience, which involved developing a unique research approach that was informed by the audience and perceptions around related shows on networks such as Bravo and VH1 . While none of these programs directly aligned with the "Preachers of L.A." concept, a social listening analysis of the "lookalike" audiences in aggregate allowed Oxygen to paint a more complete picture of its target. Oxygen's "lookalike" research methodology created a well-defined target for "Preachers of L.A." – and eventually led to a content approach that celebrated the places in which Christianity meets culture.
most social TV show for October and November
increase in Twitter following
of audience came from new network viewers
360i and Oxygen
won the 2014 Gold WOMMY
in the Research Category
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Produces 30 varieties of vegetarian and meatless foods
Purchased by Kellogg Co. in 1999
MorningStar Farms' Feel Good Grilling House Party campaign found 3,000 passionate MorningStar Farms advocates across the country and gave them exclusive party packs, access to personalized digital party sites and everything they needed to throw a backyard BBQ. By combining surveys, digital tracking and an MPA, they were able to determine the full scope of campaign effects, from how many people were affected to how their perceptions of the brand changed to — most importantly — how much of the product they purchased.
impressions generated
of impressions were consumer-driven
brand lift in favorability
HouseParty and Kellogg, MorningStar
Farms won the 2014 Silver WOMMY
in the Research Category
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Headquartered in London, England
Provides energy to customers around the world
As BP prepared for a civil trial in the spring of 2013 and worked to communicate with the public, they wanted a way to truly measure how social media was making an impact in public perception. Tracking sentiment gave BP a broad view of how social chatter was trending, but it did not provide deep enough insights to understand how to activate passionate fans and generate advocates. Based on data showing less than 5% of satisfied consumers advocate publicly for a brand on social channels, they developed a proprietary tool called the Advocacy Index to address this "social advocacy gap." By using this index, they analyzed which audiences and topics were driving public support, making recommendations, and advocating for the brand online. Thus being able to identify advocates and categorize conversations by the level of support.
increase in public support on social media
engagements tracked
Ogilvy and BP
won the 2014 Bronze WOMMY
in the Research Category
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Launched in 1972
Subsidiary of Time Warner
HBO's "Game of Thrones" is one of the hottest series on television. Since 2011, the show has amassed a cultish following of die-hard fans. . Yet even the most popular shows are challenged to keep people interested during the off-season. To keep fans engaged a solid five months ahead of the Season 4 premiere, HBO forged a social TV coupe that played into the social behaviors of its most passionate fans, known as #ROASTJOFFERY. Research based on social listening revealed that the show's own King Joffrey Baratheon – a petulant boy-king known for his evil ways – was the single most-hated TV character on the Internet in 2013 (he was associated with the word "hate" a staggering 83,000 times that year). Based on this insight, the world's first-ever social media comedy roast was born—a 48-hour real-time social media crowdsourced event of shellacking of the King everyone loves to hate.
#ROASTJOFFREY became one of the program's most talked-about campaigns ever, despite taking place five months before the Season 4 premiere.
earned media impressions in a matter of just days
original roasts in just 48 hours
increase in "Game of Thrones" mentions year-over-year
360i and HBO won
the 2014 Gold WOMMY in the
Social Media Marketing Category
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Started by Oscar F. Mayer and his brother, Gottfried, in a Chicago butcher shop
The Wienermobile was created in 1936
Part of the Kraft Foods Company
The 2013 year was tough for Oscar Mayer. Sales were down, budgets were tight and brand relevance was suffering. We needed to remind consumers of what Oscar Mayer was at its core – a playful, irreverent, beloved American brand. The idea – give America the opportunity to lease the Wienermobile! With the help of a parody video that showcased the Wienermobile's sleek auto physique and a partnership with MotorTrend magazine, Oscar Mayer placed blind posts on Twitter to pique people's interest and speculation abounded. Was this the "new Miata" or "Porsche?" The "RS7" or "Toyota Supra?" Two days later, MotorTrend made the big reveal. It was the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, and for the first time ever, this iconic auto was available to lease on Twitter for just "140 characters down." Consumers laughed along and joined in to #Tweet2Lease.
2:1 ROI
over goal
increase in brand chatter
increase in consumer sentiment for the brand
Starcom MediaVest Group and Kraft
Oscar Mayer won the 2014 Silver WOMMY
in the Social Media Marketing Category
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Founded in 1946 by Warren Avis at Willow Run Airport in Detroit
5,450 locations in more than 165 countries
AVIS wanted to engage customers by putting them at the center of a social experience while demonstrating its customer-led commitment. Having just launched its newest US ad campaign called “It’s your space”; they decided to strapline the campaign and use visual treatment as their inspiration. By creating an integrated social experience that inspired AVIS customers to share their road trip moments across America, customers had the chance to win a ‘permanent upgrade’ BMW 3 series. Tracked through the creation of an AVIS custom app, every photo uploaded effectively became a co-created AVIS campaign ad. Each told a personal customer story – wherever they were currently travelling. Then the community voted and shared their favorites – spreading the campaign message further and faster through social media and driving community engagement, advocacy and sales.
1000heads and AVIS won the
2014 Bronze WOMMY in the
Social Media Marketing Category
Quick Stats
Founded in 1792
Located in over 25 countries
State Street's new investment model called "liquid alternatives" had clear revenue goals for the company, but misinformation about the model was rampant. Neither institutional nor retail investors knew what the liquid alternatives entailed, and the media was just as confused. On top of that, when the press did cover a story, it was from a "buyer beware" perspective. State Street decided they needed to converse directly with individuals to start a dialogue and identify the misconceptions in order to demystify speculations through this engagement.

In order to help the company meet targets for their liquid alternatives products and services, the social business and public relations team needed to move the conversation from a negative "buyer beware" sentiment to a positive "informed decision maker" one, as well as gain greater share of voice around the topic of liquid alternatives and establish State Street as an expert in the space.
Reduced negative statements from 23% to 7%
Went from controlling 4% of the conversation to 65%
State Street won the 2014 Gold WOMMY
in the Social Media Monitoring
Implementation Category
Quick Stats
Founded in 1987
Headquartered in Okemos, Michigan
As TechSmith's social audience and number of profiles grew, their social marketing team found it challenging to effectively engage with their customers at scale while simultaneously ensuring they were not missing inbound messages. Their social media team recognized that by focusing on keeping their customers happy and successful, they could drive retention and build evangelism for their brand. Their community managers believed that, with help from others in marketing, sales and HR, the social media plan should operate around four key objectives:
  • Read through every message in the inbox
  • Reply to every message that warrants a response
  • Provide useful content to existing and future customers
  • Involve others across the TechSmith organization when appropriate
increase in social media engagement
the number of tips they share on a daily basis
employees from various departments using one platform
Sprout Social and Techsmith won the
2014 Gold WOMMY in the Social
Monitoring Implementation Category