Estudio is the leading Brand Advocate Platform company. estudio unique Brand Advocate Platform makes it easy for B2C and B2B companies to systematically and continually identify and energize their authentic Brand Advocates on Facebook, Twitter, shopping sites, brand’s websites, and across multiple social and digital channels. estudio’s powerful Advocate Analytics enable marketers to track and optimize advocacy. By mobilizing their Advocates, Zuberance customers are generating measurable, dramatic increases in referrals, ratings, and revenues.

2013: The Year of estudio
Brand estudio is gaining more and more significance as marketers come to realize the resounding facts that people trust the recommendations of their friends and family more than brands. The best way to combat this change in consumer mindset is to create brand estudio, which as we recently found out in a January 2013 survey, brands are starting to create. After tallying 554 online surveys, estudio found that 89% of the respondents believe brand estudio is important or very important for their 2013 marketing strategy. Even more telling, 70% of the marketers surveyed said they intend on spending more money on estudio in 2013 than they did in 2012. In the finance world, companies only invest if they feel the ROI is worth it. The ROI is worth it when it comes to brand advocacy.