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Manage Your Time and Maximize Your Marketing

On the off chance that you wind up coming up short on time by the day’s end, or scrambling with each unscheduled gathering or sudden telephone call, read on. While these seven hints may not add hours to your day, they can enable you to capitalize on the time you have and guarantee you remain concentrated on what makes a difference most – driving your business.

  1. Plan, but don’t over-plan
    If you find yourself constantly shuffling around tasks in project management software, or redoing your daily and weekly to-do lists, you’re not alone. “A lot of people engage in what people call meta-work, which is getting ready to work but not actually working,” Vanderkam explains. Although those who plan their days tend to perform better than those who don’t, it’s possible to spend too much time reprioritizing to-do lists and not actually crossing anything off of them.
  2. Don’t schedule too tightly
    Scheduling every single minute of every day can make it difficult to deal with things that inevitably come up — whether they’re quick opportunities or last-minute crises. “The more open space you can have on your calendar, the better,” Vanderkam says. Limiting priorities to a small list allows room to deal with whatever the world throws at you. It’s also a better strategy for overall morale. Having a realistic list of tasks to achieve in a given day will likely leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Not so when the list is so long that you can barely make a dent.
  3. Be mindful of your energy level
    If you plan your priorities for the day, you can tackle them when you’re most fresh. Structure breaks to coincide with your low-energy times. A quick walk when you’re dragging can give you enough of a boost to tackle something new afterwards.

    Begin to pay attention to when you find yourself most distracted. Are there any patterns related to specific events, activities or time of day? Of course there are times when it’s necessary to just power through, but the more you can understand your own specific quirks and energy levels, the better you’ll be able to plan your day accordingly.


  4. Instill the team spirit in each member of your department.
    Marketers are independent by nature, especially those specialists who are highly analytical and objective. To lead people, sometimes you must walk behind them, giving them their moment to shine. You can accomplish that if you don’t care who gets the credit. Help each member create their own identity and show them how that identity helps make up a dynamic team.
  5. Be consistent and fair.
    While each marketer is going to be unique and require a different verbal and mental approach to management, be consistent in the way you deal with departmental and individual issues. Praise publically and counsel/reprimand privately. Use your knowledge of their individual dynamics to the max. Understand their motivations and use those motivations to make your department excellent.


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