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Marketing Management Definition

Advertising can be characterized as the authoritative capacity and set of procedures used to make, impart, and convey an incentive to the client. Advertising lies at the core of an organization’s prosperity. Unless an organization can successfully impart the estimation of their item to clients, there is minimal shot of achievement. Advertising administration must administer this basic capacity.

Advertising administrators must arrange various exercises including recognizing client needs, conveying item an incentive to potential clients, producing leads for the business association, and also assembling an online nearness – a territory inside promoting administration which keeps on developing in significance.


CEB report that the modern buyer completes around 60% of the buying process before engaging the sales rep. Buyers have become more knowledgable as they now educate themselves by checking out company products online as well as downloading relevant whitepapers and case studies. Marketing is responsible for a company’s online presence and now has more influence over the buyer than ever before.

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Marketing management must develop an effective lead generation strategy to help the sales team reach their quota. Before deciding on strategy, a marketing manager should spend some time researching the market, considering what is the optimal target customer, what approach direct rivals are adopting, and how to differentiate company products from the competition.

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Marketing managers today are increasingly focused on inbound marketing. The change in buyer behavior means traditionally interruptive advertising messages are no longer as effective as they once were. Inbound marketing is a methodology that helps companies to attract potential customer to their website. Inbound marketing is about generating leads through targeted content pushed out through a variety of channels including social media, blog post, SEO, and email. Powerful content now holds the key to lead generation. Content lies at the heart of the marketing managers integrated marketing strategy.

On the most basic level, inbound marketing concerns:

  • Getting Found Online
  • Converting Visitors and Leads
  • Analyzing and Improving


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