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Tools to Help Manage Your Digital Marketing Agency

The way to running an effective office is to use significant instruments and programming to oversee and mechanize however many zones of the business as could be allowed, empowering you to concentrate on the requirements of each of your customers. Having awesome devices set up to enable you and your senior group to oversee regions, for example, operations, resourcing, CRM and detailing will free up your group to concentrate on including an incentive for your customers.

In this post, I’ve assembled a rundown of devices and innovation to enable you to out in zones that are basic in guaranteeing your office runs easily, with the goal that you can remain concentrated on your clients.

  1. File Storage
    Google Drive & File Stream There are multiple ways of managing files within an agency, but the priorities for any agency owner must be ease of access, security and simple file syncing options. With Google Drive, agencies can rely on a cloud-based method of storing files. Google Drive allows staff to easily sync files saved on various machines via Google Drive File Stream.
  2. CRM & Agency Management
    PodioCustomer relationship management is crucial to running a successful agency. As your agency grows, you’ll need a robust system that will help you to manage data relating to previous, existing and potential clients.


  3. Project Management
    Basecamp Every agency needs to manage client projects, and there are a number of simple project management tools that can significantly increase your employees’ ability to get work done quickly.
  4. Resource Planning: Podio & HighCharts
    Knowing the capacity of your workforce is at the core of managing your projects and enabling your sales team to successfully bring in new clients.

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